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Generator Services

Portable Generator Connections

We install interlock kits with 25' cords that allow you to connect a portable generator to your house. With a proper setup you can easily have power in those limited times you loose power. This is a good option when you can not justify the cost of a whole house standby generator.

Whole House Generators

We install Generac generators sized for your home or business. With our installation experience you can feel relaxed knowing your investment is protected. Whole house generators are great insurance policy's for areas that loose power often. Avoid frozen pipes, spoiled food and potential hotel costs by keeping your home powered by Generac.

Generator Maintenance

Your generator is the equivalent of a car purchase and should be maintained like one. With our service plan we make sure you get the maintenance you need. With our system we can notify you when your service is needed and have you scheduled at you convenience. We provide documentation and perform complete testing and inspections.